Ruth Williams

MA (Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies)

Jungian Analyst - Analytical Psychologist.
Integrative Psychotherapist and Supervisor.
British Psychoanalytic Council accredited.
UK Council for Psychotherapy registered.

Clinical Supervisor and Member BAPPS.

“What lies before me is my past. I have got to make myself look on it with different eyes … This I cannot do by ignoring it, or slighting it, or praising it, or denying it. It is only to be done fully by accepting it as an inevitable part of the evolution of my life and character: by bowing my head to everything that I have suffered”

Oscar Wilde: 1954/1982: 210

Starting Psychotherapy


Initial contact may be made either in person or through your GP. I am happy to receive either a phone call or email.

Mobile: 07958 7111 51

Making an Appointment

It is helpful to begin with a telephone conversation at a time when you have a private environment to talk freely. This gives us a chance to hear each other’s voices and to get an initial sense of whether it would be beneficial to take a further step. I will need to get a sense of whether I feel able to be helpful, and you will probably have some questions about what to expect.

If we both decide to go ahead, we would then arrange an initial assessment session which is an opportunity to talk about things in more detail.

At this meeting I will set out the practical aspects of beginning to work together in terms of breaks, fees, billing and cancellation policy etc.

Then regular meetings can be set up. These would typically begin once weekly (although if you wished can be more frequent). Sessions last for 50 minutes. As a rough rule of thumb psychotherapy is once weekly; full analysis usually entails more frequent sessions.

Please either phone or email in the first instance. If I am not available, it is helpful if you can leave a message stating when would be a good time to return your call. Do feel free to state if you would prefer me not to leave a message.

I endeavour to return calls/messages on the same day.

Being in Therapy

We will both commit to a process of working together even when things feel tough. (It is well-known that things often feel worse before they feel better in therapy.) Where appropriate, the therapy might be of short duration, but more usually Psychotherapy /Analysis is best approached as a long-term process involving considerable commitment for both parties.
Dealing with issues that often build up over many years, it is perhaps unrealistic to think they can be dealt with hastily. That said, you are always free to end our arrangement. This is best done by face to face discussion so that we can arrange a suitable period for drawing therapy to a close depending upon how long we have been meeting.

Code of Ethics

Ruth Williams abides by the Codes of Ethics of all the professional bodies to which she belongs, that is: AJA, BAPPS, BPC, CAP, IAAP, UKCP, Minster Centre.