Ruth Williams

MA (Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies)

Jungian Analyst - Analytical Psychologist.
Integrative Psychotherapist and Supervisor.
British Psychoanalytic Council accredited.
UK Council for Psychotherapy registered.

Clinical Supervisor and Member BAPPS.


1st Perspective

Pluto IS small. Look at this!

2nd Perspective

But inner planets are small.

3rd Perspective

Wait a minute...all planets are small

4th Perspective

What happened to our sun?

5th Perspective

You can’t even discern this clearly, but, if you follow the arrow, you will see our sun is now the equivalent of 1 pixel!

Images originally discovered on who told me they found the pictures on /writings /perspective.html.

The following images are examples from Gestalt psychology which speak to perspective.

What do you see when you look at these images? (Ponder these images before reading the text below, which gives some hints.)

The top picture may be seen alternatively as an old hag, or a young woman. (The hag’s nose becomes the young woman’s jawline as she faces away from the viewer).

The second picture can be seen alternately as a duck or a hare. (The duck’s beak becomes the hare’s ears.)

What do you see when you look at this?

Is it a vase, or two people looking at each other in profile?